Other Hiking Opportunities

There are many other hiking opportunities in Southern Oregon. For example, Jacksonville’s 1100-acre Forest Park, located one mile west of our historic downtown, offers 15 miles of grand vistas, hiking trails, small creeks, the town’s old reservoir, interpretive markers, and remnants of old gold mines. Forest Park is a great place to ride bikes or horses or to take an extended hike.

Also nearby is the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail in the Applegate.  More information can be found at the BLM’s web page:  Sterling Mine Ditch Trail Siskiyou Uplands Trail Association and Forest Park.

There are also access points along various streets and neighborhoods adjoining the trail system.

To view a map of suggested hiking routes, click on  Take A Hike Brochure   

To report the location of a problem or hazard, use the  Woodlands Grid Map to describe the location  and send an email to Trail Hazard or Info@jvwoodlands.org

The Sarah Zigler Trail is a self-guided nature trail. Brochures are available at the trailhead by the Britt Gardens, or click on Sarah Zigler Trail Brochure

To find more places in the area to hike, click on the “Other Hiking Opportunities” tab, under the Maps and Trails tab.