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Committees and Volunteers

The Woodlands is managed by volunteers, with management decisions made by an elected Board of Directors.

Committees and groups include:

JWA Board of Directors – The JWA Bylaws mandate a board of directors is now composed of between 5 and 9  directors. The JWA Board is the management authority overseeing all activities within the Woodlands. The board meets four times a year for required quarterly meetings and, on rare occasion, for a special meeting to address some compelling issue.

Community Outreach Subcommittee – Monitors the JWA website, oversees the production of educational and informational brochures, and facilitates communication between the JWA, its membership, and the overall community.

Trails Subcommittee – Responsible for developing an Annual Action Plan that describes all infrastructure design, trail construction, and trail maintenance proposed for the Woodlands during the coming calendar year.

Beekman Arboretum Subcommittee – Oversees the development and maintenance of the park facility located next to the historic Beekman House. The park contains a wide sampling of native plants characteristic of our hillside ecosystem.

Forest Park Subcommittee – Coordinates activities and cooperation between the Jacksonville Woodlands Natural Park & Trail system and the Forest Park Trail system.

Non-committee Volunteer Activities

Guiding Trail Hikes – Youth groups and other organizations frequently request a knowledgeable person to lead a guided hike on a section of Woodlands trail.

Woodlands Park General Maintenance – Periodic litter pickup and cleaning of informational displays, kiosks and benches. Removal of invasive plant species and overall improvement of aesthetics.

Trail Maintenance – Repairing damaged trails, weed-wacking on trails, and associated work to keep the trails safe and pleasant to use.

Web-site Maintenance – Persons with the requisite computer skills to keep the JWA’s web-site current and informative.

Publication Development – Persons with art, graphic design, or writing skills that can assist with the creation of relevant newsletters, informational brochures and other printed materials.

Representing the JWA at Community Events – The JWA often has a table or booth at events occurring throughout Southern Oregon (examples: grand opening of the REI store & Jacksonville community events). JWA attendants hand out brochures, solicit memberships, and generally inform people about the existence and benefits of the Jacksonville Woodlands.

If you would like to help with any of these activities, fill out a Volunteer Application Form Or you can Submit Volunteer Form Online