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Jacksonville Woodlands Trails

With over 16 miles of trails in the Woodlands, it’s easy to find a loop or destination that’s just right for the day.

There are several trailheads that serve as starting points:

  • Britt Gardens — park in the lots across California Street, near the library and post office. Cross California at the crosswalk and continue up the trail to the Britt Grounds, or walk up 1st Street to the Britt entrance.
  • Above Britt — Go up 1st Street to Fir Street. Follow Fir Street up, past the Britt Grounds to a dirt parking area.
  • To access the Beekman Woods, park in the Beekman House parking area off East California Street.

NOTE: No horses are allowed on the trails. The combination of horses (along with their droppings), dogs and people on the trails creates too much congestion as well as trail damage and will no longer be permitted.

View Jacksonville Woodlands Trail System Map

When reporting issues, please identify location by X and Y coordinates.

Take A Hike

There are also access points along various streets and neighborhoods adjoining the trail system.

To view a map of suggested hiking routes, click on  Take A Hike Brochure   

To report the location of a problem or hazard, use the  Woodlands Grid Map to describe the location  and send an email to Trail Hazard or [email protected]

To find more places in the area to hike, click on the “Other Hiking Opportunities” tab, under the Maps and Trails tab.