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Sun filtered onto the golden bronze Madrone trees. Beside them wildflowers began to spring forth. Our granddaughter raced by on the trail, feeling safe in the Jacksonville woods.

She spotted a red-tail hawk soaring above our heads. Suddenly, she was aware of sharing the forest with buzzing bees covered in bands of yellow pollen, decorated beetles, butterflies, and songbirds. Sunbeams flickered through the graceful oak trees onto a small herd of deer bedded down in the last of the winter's leaves.

Wildflowers decorated the woods with a flurry of color, sizes and shapes ... Shooting Stars, soft fuzzy Pussy Ears, Hounds' Tongues wearing their little pearl necklaces, and dainty Fawn Lillies with spotted leaves like the baby deer of the forest. Every day is a new show and great reminder of nature nurturing our souls. The opportunity knocks in the Jacksonville Woodlands to experience nature's harmony.

Fritillaria gentneri


Cone Flower

Bleeding Heart


Checker Bloom

Fritillaria recurva

Fritillaria gentneri

Fritillaria recurva

Miner's lettuce

Hound's tongue

Oregon grape

Pink beside Hairy Owl Fern over Oak leaves




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