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The Jacksonville Woodlands Historic Natural Park and Trail System has 15 outstanding all-weather hiking trails for hikers of differing abilities. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

Trail maps are available at the three major trailheads or write to: JWA, Box 1210, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530 or E-mail at:

You can also enjoy a self-guided audio tour of the Sarah Zigler Trail, the Jackson Forks Trail, and the Panorama Point Trail. Tours can be rented at the Jacksonville Visitors Center at 185 N. Oregon Street in Jacksonville, or downloaded for free from



1. Sarah Zigler Interpretive Trail: 1 mile/flat

A National Recreation Trail (NRT) beginning in the historic Britt Gardens. Follows Jackson Creek to where gold was discovered in 1851. A diverse riparian vegetation zone. Interpretive brochures and trail maps available at the trailhead beginning in the Britt Gardens. Passes near the 1862 Britt Sequoia, an Oregon Heritage Tree.

2. Britt Ridge Trail: 1 mile/flat

Begins behind the Britt Festivals Pavilion on West Fir Street. Passes through a transitional forest with open views of the Historic Jacksonville Cemetery and nearby gulches.

3. Rich Gulch Trail: One mile/moderate

The site of one of the richest gold strikes in the history of the Western United States. Stretches between the West Fir Street trailhead and South Oregon Street. Follows old hydraulically mined gulches and glory holes dating from the 1860s. Twelve illustrated interpretive signs encircle the deeply incised gulch narrating the mining history of the area.

4. Jackson Creek Trail: 1/3 mile/steep

Connects the Britt Ridge Trail to the Sarah Zigler Interpretive Trail

5. Jackson Forks Trail: 2/3 mile/steep

Begins at the western terminus of the Sarah Zigler Trail. A great trail to view the transitional forest as it changes from a moist riparian vegetation zone with northern exposure to a dryer oak and pine savanna with southern exposure.

6. Panorama Point Trail/The Knoll: 1/3 mile/moderate

A spur loop trail branching from the main Rich Gulch Trail Views of Jacksonville's Historic Mining District, the Siskiyou and Cascade mountains, the rim of Crater Lake, and of 9,000 foot Mt. McLoughlin.


7. Oregon Trail: (No not THAT one!) 1/3 mile/steep

Connects Rich Gulch with South Oregon Street. Great vistas. Two trailside exhibits.

8. Petard Ditch Loop Trail: 1 1/2 mile/portions are flat/moderate/steep

Begins in Rich Gulch and follows remnants of the historic 1860 Petard Water Ditch toward Jackson Creek; climbs to the top of the BLM "40"; and returns to Rich Gulch. Features two trailside exhibits. A 400 foot climb to 2,200 feet.


9. Chinese Diggings Trail: 1/3 mile/moderate

Connects Rich Gulch to Hill Street and the Beebe Woods and on through to Applegate Street. The best place to view old water ditches and mining tailings piled up by teams of Chinese workers. The most extensively mined site within the Rich Gulch Mining District. Two trailside exhibits.


10. Applegate Trail (No not THAT one!): 1/4 mile/flat

Connects the Chinese Diggings to Applegate Street, via Hill Street and the Beebe Woods.


11. Frenchman Mine Loop Trail: 1/2 mile/moderate to steep

A loop trail within the Beebe Woods located between Hill and Applegate streets. View a native woodlands forest and evidence of extensive mining exploration. Land was donated in memory of Tony Beebe by is wife, Verne Beebee.


12. California Trail: 1/3 mile/moderate to steep

Connects east California Street to the upper portion of the Beekman Woods following the contours of the Beekman Canyon. View a magnificent forest of Madrone, Oregon white oak, and ponderosa pine.

13. Beekman Loop Trail: 1 mile/moderate to steep

Trailhead located behind the historic Beekman Museum House on East California Street. Trail passes through the Beekman Native Plant Arboretum featuring plant examples from the eight life zones of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountains.

14. Woods Grove: 1/3 mile/moderate to steep

Connects the upper portion of the Beekman Loop Trail to South Third Street. Allows for walking cross town access to Rich Gulch and Jacksonville's Downtown Historic Landmark District.


15. The Britt Canyon trail 1/3 mile/steep

Spring wildflowers abound on this trail on the side of Britt Canyon. Connects to the Rich Gulch Trail.


16. Sugarpine trail : 1/4 mile/steep

Connects Petard with South Fork View Trail. A Sugar Pine tree is near the top end of the trail.

17. White Oak Trail: 1/3 mile/moderate

A continuation of Sugarpine Trail to the high point of Petard Ditch Trail on the south side of the valley.


18. Liz's Trail: 2 miles/moderate to steep

Leave Petard Loop Trail for an out-and-back strenuous hike. In memory of Liz Braislin.


19. South Fork View Trail: 1/2 mile/flat

Wooded trail above the South Fork of Jackson Creek to the Petard Ditch Trail.


20. Jane Naversen Trail: 1/4 mile/flat

Connects Jackson Forks Trail to Rich Gulch Trail.


21. French Gulch Trail: 1/4 mile/moderate

A trail into the historic Rich Gulch, with mining displays.


22. Quarry Trail: 1/4 mile/moderate

Trail meanders above an abandoned stone quarry along a south facing slope.


23. Catholic WagonTrail: 1/4 mile/flat

The Catholic Wagon Trail made it possible for mourners to follow the horse-drawn hearse without crossing into opposing sections of the cemetery.


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